About Me

I grew up without church in the house. I know I was baptized, but my siblings don’t know if it was in the UCC Church, the Methodist Church, or the Catholic Church. This ambivalence and ambiguity pretty much symbolized my relationship with the church as a child and youth.  Other than a brief rebellion against a secular household to Roman Catholicism as a high school freshman, I was pretty much irreligious until the age of 23.

So I made a conscious choice as an adult, first to be religious (as a Unitarian Universalist), and then to become Christian.  It’s not a choice many are making these days, particularly as many of the most reactionary voices in Christianity seem to be the loudest.

So if you’re progressive and looking to understand Christianity, Christian and wanting to understand progressivism, some combination of both, or neither, I hope that you can find something here that will feed your soul.